What is a personal chef?

With our personal chef services we understand that each client is unique. Therefore we customize our meal delivery to fit your needs. Since no two clients are the same, no two delivery plans are the same.

A personal chef is someone who prepares multiple meals for families or individuals. Meals are designed and delivered to fit each family/individual’s needs. Whether you want them once or twice a week it is up to you. Our chefs make each meal tailored to you. We handle all the shopping, prep and cooking so you have a fresh prepared meal quickly and easily.

what is a personal chef?
when would I use a personal chef?

When would I use a personal chef?

There are many reasons why people seek a personal chef, a few reasons include:

  • You are someone who doesn’t like to cook but appreciates good food
  • You are too busy to cook but love home cooked meals
  • You've been put on bed rest by your doctor
  • You have physical limitations
  • You have young kids limiting your free time
  • You want to eat healthy, but are unsure where to start
  • You’re an individual who finds it difficult to cook for one
  • You’re a parent looking to provide healthy solutions for your children

Benefits of a personal chef service

There are many benefits to having a personal chef including:

  • Fresh quality ingredients
  • Easy to prepare meals
  • Limited clean up
  • More free time
  • Takes the guess work out of "What's for dinner?"
benefits of a personal chef

How does the pricing work?

Since everything is customized for each client we set up a free initial consultation. During the meeting we discuss your dietary needs, meal preferences, and build a personalized menu and cooking schedule that fits your lifestyle. At the end of the meeting you will fully understand all the costs involved.

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